United States
March 13, 2007 4:49pm CST
Does anyone know how E-Gold works? How can I put money in it and how can I withdraw money from it and receive the cash? I just couldn't understand their system. I tried calling them but to no avail. I wrote them. I did not receive any reply. Could anyone enlighten me on this matter? Thank you very much in advance. :-)
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• Trinidad And Tobago
13 Mar 07
This is the company i have been using for six years now to fund my egold account, and to get money from my egold account GoldEx has been operating since year 2001 and has many very satisfied clients from every country in the world. you can trust them to look after all your e-gold needs all you do is Register on site and all the info you need is there GoldEx also has a Debit Card that can be funded by e-gold, WebMoney, Ebullion, Pecunix or V-Money Card fundings normally take place the SAME DAY and The card funding fees are very low, the card is issued by a US Bank (member FDIC) and are part of the VISA® - PLUS network that covers more than 80 countries on all 7 continents. There is no need to send Identification documents. Just fill in the ID information required. As our card is affiliated with the STAR - VISA® - PLUS network, it is accepted at over 5 millions Points of Sale (POS) worldwide and in 650,000 ATM machines displaying the 'PLUS' logo, throughout the world. The card works at any ATM machine, anywhere in the world. Cards can be purchased by customers located anywhere in the World. http://www.goldex.net/r.php?ref=1972777
@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
wow, nice information. thanks for sharing it. i really learned a lot.
• Sri Lanka
14 Mar 07
The best way to convert e-gold to cash is Alertpay. This is my link to the site. http://www.alertpay.com/?AS8xMTIyLgQ%3d It was only yesterday that I received my cheque from them, so that I can recommend without fear to anyone. But I do not know whether you can take this cheque to a bank and take cash to the hand. I will not do it anyway. This is in dollars and I will keep it in a dollar account. But I can deposit it to any other account which is in my name in whatever currency. So my advice to you is open an account in your name and get a payment by cheque. The account can be in your local currency. The cheque will take about 3 weeks to come by post. But you can do a wire transfer which will be a little expensive. In short what you have to do is. Join Alertpay Transfer your egold to your alertpay account Request a cheque.
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
14 Mar 07
all about e-gold and other payment processors here: http://www.mylot.com/w/lists/4_90653/default.aspx
@domenyag (1273)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
look for e-gold exchanger, there are lots in the net
• Romania
13 Mar 07
I don't know about PayPal, because we don't have them here in Romania, but the principle should be the same... I can only respond how can you withdraw money from myLot. First of, how can you put money into your e-gold account (and this applies generally, regardless the source of money!). After registration, you have an e-Gold account number. When you register to a money making website (much as myLot) and chose e-Gold as a payment method, you're requested to provide your e-Gold account number - this is the number mentioned above, given to you, when you registered e-Gold. e-gold is not a bank, you can't withdraw money direct from it. You have to register to a 3rd party company (called exchanger) - usually a free process, and receive your money through them. You should carefully check the seriousness of an exchanger, before giving your money to them. It's better to find such a company as near as your place of residence, in order to receive your money ASAP. There are commissions involved in every transfer: myLot e-Gold / e-Gold exchanger / exchanger you but the amounts are pretty small, related to the entire payment. Well, hopefully this answer your question. Wellcome to myLot and enjoy your time here!