mysterious things...

March 13, 2007 6:07pm CST
do it happen to somebody , that sometimes in daily life u feel that u rerun of some moment , as if it were happen before and u know, what will happen ahead? It were happen to me not once. One day I was going to job by bus and felt that I see the same people , that when in bus-stop will enter my sister (and really she did!) , what she will say to me, I talked to her about what she was going to say when she haven't say it before. What it can be? Mystery?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
13 Mar 07
I read an interesting theory on this, that before we are born we are shown a review of what out journey holds and when we die we are shown a review of out life... When you get that feeling it said you are actually remembering part of that review and it also mean that you are actually where you are supposed to be.... When you die you are shown a review of your life where you yourself will be in judgement of your life....interesting I think...
• Lithuania
13 Mar 07
thanks for respond! what a dissapoint, wrote u a comment and got disconnect! will try to repeat my minds. Well sometimes I feel as if I'm a "witch" (by the way was born under magical number 7:) Don't laugh :) I wonder, that sometimes when I have problem and want to get answer to it, I don't need an special efforts- i just "strip up on right place at right moment" and i get neccessary information ... I agree with u and theory u were read. I'm sure, that much of people would argue over it. Coz most of them accept material things they can feel and touch. But I believe, that our sunconsciousness have a encoded information and great power , just not everybody able to perceive it. Maybe my minds aren't "clear" , coz englis isn't my native language and it is difficult to express my opinion exactly . Anyway I believe in "other " life , coz have no reason for refuse