What is your remedy for stress?

@alpalino (226)
March 13, 2007 6:34pm CST
Last few days I am quite stressed and I would like to know, what you guys do to beat stress? I decided to go away for few days and hope this would help me to calm down a bit.
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@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
6 Dec 07
hello, alpalio!increased stress levels caused by economic prosperity and modern lifestyle,including unhealthy eating and drinking habits contributed to high blood pressure which ultimately leads to heart problems.so first of all we should identify the possible cause and act accordingly. however,the best way to get rid of stress you go out for morning and evening walks,it may be street walk or walk in the park.join laughing club and attend laughing classesn daily and laugh loudly with friends because it helps reduction of stress hormone in our body.change your food habits.no drinks or smoking please.try this and you will feel the pleasure.thanks a lot and be happy.
6 Dec 07
hey!man. when i feel stressed,firstly i will calm down and analyse the matter annoying me,then find out the key point and treat it with a rational attitude. i think this step is necesary because that if you cannot treat it with a rational attitude ,it's possible for you to be stressed once more for the same matter next time. well,as one always cannot control his emotion well,even he knows how to treat it,so the second step, i will do things like running,playing basketball, singing and occasionally a little drinking to loose myself. after the two steps,i usually get the good feeling. so, you can have a try. good day!
• United States
13 Mar 07
What I do when I am stressed is do exercise. I make sure to go outside and get as much sunlight as possible. It is good to get a lot of sunlight to keep the blues away. Drink lots of water, eat the proper foods that are healthy, and try talking to friends. That seems to help me. I hope you get to feeling better. Do what you can to make it easier on you now.