I Am An Internet Buff..The Websites That I Love To Visit Are...Because...

March 13, 2007 7:58pm CST
I love... 1. http://fashioninvestigation.blogspot.com (It is created by a friend of mine, it is currently included one of the top 50 most popular blogs in the world. Check it out!!specially the humor.) 2. www.femalenetwork.com (Because of female network i discover the myLot. Go Go!!!Girls Rules!!!) 3. www.aol.com (All I need online is there,Ex. radio, language translator, videos, unlimited online storage for photos, files etc. aol email is the best!!"though I have yahoo"but yahoo is also cool!! ) 4. www.wikipedia.com (An online encyclopedia, this could help you on your research.) 5. www.faceparty.com (wanna meet new buddy online? just check it out!!!i got profile there www.faceparty.com/lil_f0xy_anGeL) 6. www.ebay.com (wanna shoot your bid!!!best products online is here) 7. www.buyandsellph.com (i just like it!) 8. www.youtube.com (i don't thing you don't know that website!!!) 9. www.friendster.com (I always want to keep in touch with my friends.) 10. www.myLot.com (OFCOURSE!!!) "How about you? Maybe we have something in common!!"
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