how to my friend that she annoys me and the whole lot to death..

March 13, 2007 8:17pm CST
i have a friend who happens to be so bossy. she pushes the whole group to do things her way; she makes advances; and she doesn't care if she's bothering us as long as she gets what she wants.. i think that among the group, i happen to be the outspoken type, who speaks what's on my mind (but there are limitations, of course).. my friends keep on complaining about her because she's a real pain in the you-know-what.. i assured them that i'd handle it.. but then i don't know how.. this bossy friend of mine happens to be a "scandalosa", our term for a person who humiliates someone in a crowd by screaming or calling names at him/her.. hey i don't want to be humiliated.. what should i do? she easily gets mad and seconds later, there'll be an outburst from her.. wow.. she's really tough.. if you guys can only meet her.. me, i'm very patient with her because she's my friend.. but i'm not so sure that my friends can handle her.. i'm sure that in time, my patience will evaporate and i might insult her if she doesn't cut her crap.. perhaps, my friends and i should confront her together to even her madness right? hehe.. kidding.. ok ok what should i do now? i promised my friends that i'd handle it.. tsk, a big mistake? sigh..
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