It is ok to neglect somebody who is neglecting you?

March 13, 2007 8:17pm CST
I have this kind of long distance relationship. Sometimes I feel neglected by my special someone. I am expecting some texts or reply from my messages but I failed to receive one. So I decided also not to text or e-mail for that special someone to miss me. Sometimes I am thinking of just breaking up since I don't feel being loved. Is it ok just to neglect any communications coming from my special someone? Or it will just make it worst. I feel hurt but i do have some reserves for my self since I don't want to be badly hurt. Breaking up maybe is ok for me. All I want is just to have someone who will love and take care of me as much as I do.
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@lovedude (4456)
• India
15 Mar 07
areee nops.. dont do that.. just love that person more and care about him/her more so that they can notice that you are missing them, try it best luck
@Kasssy (107)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I have the lon-distance thing too, but mine lives in the same city. I often show lots more attention than him, but enjoy the attention he sends back more than if I were to do the same as he. I often weigh the situation, If I had the clingy thing, I don't think I would be as content. I enjoy my alone time especially with the kids and all their activities. He on the other hand takes no part in the kids activities and that would be a dissappointment again. But often when he doesn't pay any attention to me, I do not call or anything for a few days and he calls to check on me. If that helps any to you. I am one of the people who I think just will never be content in any situation. Even the perfect one I have in my mind.
@wmg2006 (5386)
• United States
14 Mar 07
Long distance relationships are very hard for everyone. Life gets in the way sometimes and everyone can't stop their life to touch base with their Love. You may have less to do than they do. You may have more free time, they may have had an emergency. Let your heart lead you in this situation and stop being so hard on yourself and on them. Give them the benefit of the doublt before you mess things up for yourself. Keep the communication lines open until you find out why you are not receiving any response. They may be in the hospital or something.