Which stage of life is unforgettable? College Life or High School Life?

March 13, 2007 8:54pm CST
My high school years was very unforgettable. I've been very busy at that time. I was a president of several school organizations. Participating in School programs, doing bunch of project. There are time that I spent overnight in school, in short I am a very bust high school girl. People are afraid make friendship with me coz they thought I am a mean Girl!!Though i Have a set of friends in High School "with common dispositions" until now we we still have communication with each other But i still had time to relax. But also, I never forget my Experience during COLLEGE!!!I promised to myself that as I enter the college i will not participate so much in extra curricular activities. I want to be a typical college student. I've tried almost everything except (drugs and you know...)"hehehe!!pretending like Im innocent!!" I met so many people on that part of my life. I started to travel alone of just with my college friends, we went out of town, etc. I have so many friends in College, even from other college departments "MISS FRIENDSHIP & MISS CONGENIALITY". I accopliched my college thesis without putting so much pressure to myself. Hehehehe!!go on partying sometime and more time to chill. Also, in college, I met speacial people!!that I treasure until now
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