governatorial contorversy is just a show off from the RECTO's?

March 13, 2007 10:05pm CST
Incumbent Gov. Armando Sanchez was quoted saying that the controversy of governatorial slot between Mayor Vi and Vice Gov. Ricky Recto is just a drama or an act. He said it was all planned to topple him from the seat. it has been a two or three weeks before Mayor Vi decided to run and file her candidacy for Governor of Batangas. We are all aware of the cause of her delay in filing the same, its all because of her brother-in-law Ricky Recto. Now that she finally announced her candidacy and at the same time Ricky Recto also subsided and seems to give way for his sister-in-law, Do you think Gov. Sanchez is right that Mayor Vi is using her acting prowess in the field of politics? What can you say about this?
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