how to choose a guy being with you?

March 13, 2007 11:11pm CST
Well,a hot topic:do you wanna choose a guy who loves you but you have no feeling with him to be your lifelong husband or the one you extremely love him but he does not love you as much as you do? Obviously,everybody wanna to stay with the one that both of you fall in love with each other,but unfortunately this case can not take place on every one.Some one may say,oh,it does not matter,because I will try all means to move her heart.However,the fact is love can not be only cultivated by move or gratitude.Maybe your sincere deeds can make the other one upset and wanna to do something to payback. So how to choose if you were the person who were in that kind of situation?
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@Abbyey (760)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
Yes everyone wants to be with a guy whom she loves and loves her back.... in this case... i would choose the one who loves me... because i would be able to feel how much he loves me, the way he cares for me, the way he wants to cuddle me, hug me, i can feel his passion for me, i can feel his desire for me, i can feel the way he will treat me like his Baby til we have our own, when i feel how much he loves me and give importance of me for being in his life... sooner or later i would fall for him... Because if i choose the guy whom i love but doesnt love me... sooner or later i know that when he finds the girl he wants... i will end up crying and feeling sorry for myself...