how many post does it takes to earn a dollar?

March 14, 2007 12:31am CST
i've read somewhere here that somebody manage to get a dollar a day. assuming that that's done without any referrals, how many post does it takes to earn a dollar (or more) in one day? i've posted around 70 posts in around two weeks to earn my first dollar. how about you?
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• Philippines
14 Mar 07
i was browsing discussions about this before. they say a post is at least $0.01 at the minimum. depending on the quality of your post. we earn by posting quality responses. on the average, some say it's around $0.03 per quality post. i'm relatively a newbie here in mylot so i cannot share a lot of experience in terms of earning. i haven't been here a week and haven't posted many also. but i went over a dollar the other day. so i figured it took me around 50 posts to earn it. one of the veterans in mylot say he did average around $2.50 - $3.80 a day when he's pretty active, but maintains it at a dollar a day by this time. i just don't know how many posts that equals to or how much time is invested.
• India
14 Mar 07
It depends upon your quality of response that how much you earn and also how much active you are in a day to earn a dollar in one day.I managed to earn a dollar in 3 days and at that time my total post was around 55.I guess you have earned $1.I generally spend 2 hours in a day and I think I earn on an average $0.35.What about you?