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WillauTronic esmog chip - Protects you from damaging electromagnetic radiation emanating from your mobile phone.
March 14, 2007 12:37am CST
I decided to turn this one into a bit of a contest, just to make it more interesting. I'm looking to partner with someone who is ambitious, trustworthy, business minded, but also loves people. The person who can share the most original, outrageous and meaningful goal with me will win an eSmog Mobile Phone Chip valued at $69 AUD (things like:"I want to buy a big house and a Ferrari" will NOT win). Check Q&A below concerning the nature of the contest prize. What is the name of the product? The WillauTronic eSmog Handy-Chip Who is WillauTronic? WillauTronic is the company doing a great deal about e-smog in your personal environment, i.e., in your home, while at work or in a shop or hotel. What is e-smog? E-smog (or electro smog) refers to the huge amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF) present literally everywhere on this planet. Every electrical & magnetic device causes esmog. What does the product do? Harmonizes electromagnetic waves emanating from your mobile phone without interfering with its functionality. How does it work? WillauTronic e-smog transformers work on the principle of destructive interference to eliminate specific information signals which accompany mobile phone signals. What are the benefits? Frequent mobile phone usage has been known to cause harmful side effects such as sleeplessness, irritability, headaches etc. By applying a WillauTronic device you are safeguarded from the harmful information that causes these symptoms. How does esmog affect our body? Man has not been equipped with an organ to detect or combat the invisible energy fields surrounding us although these all have the potential to interfere with our bio-system, which is normally in a state of fine balance. Is the chip userfriendly? Yes, your WillauTronic esmog chip is shaped like a small sticker that simply attaches to the back of your phone battery without interfering with its design. What can I expect in terms of shipping? The winner will have his/her chip posted by regular mail upon receipt of address and comes with an information booklet. Am I allowed to resell this product? Yes, at any price you wish as long as you charge no more than $69 AUD (or $54 USD) To make sure you are eligible to win this free product please submit your entry before the 31st of March 2007. P.S. Keep this in mind: "If you're going to think anyway, think big." (Donald Trump)
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