any known exercise for a flabby belly?

March 14, 2007 12:40am CST
i am carrying a small village in my belly. it's grotesque!i have no hips and no rear end but an enormous belly!please suggest physical activities that can lose my belly fat for good.
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14 Mar 07
I have found that my tummy has gone down recently. All I have done is taken more exercise and cut out some of the fat in my diet. I found that doing exercises like sit ups etc just didn't work for it, but general dieting does.
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• Philippines
15 Mar 07
ive tried sit ups too but it just doesn't work. or i think the sit ups are not enough, i mean the number of sit ups or well i think i didn't perform it properly. well, i felt gross. i think i may die if i cut fat in my diet. i'm like a janitor fish in the house. i eat left overs of my sisters.