Is linux for programmers only?

@gastly (296)
March 14, 2007 1:22am CST
Hi, I have seen people talk about stuff that linux is for programmers only and its an ultimate geek distro. But I have been using linux (ubuntu) for 6 months now and I have also used Red Hat, but I have never come across stuff that only a programmer or a geek could understand. What do you think, is Linux for programmers only or for everyone?
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• India
14 Mar 07
No I don't think Linux is for just programmers or hackers even though Linux is the best tool for any programmers. It can be used by normal home users too. Linux has now become very user friendly indeed it can be used by people with basic computer knowledge provided they are given some initial training on linux. Even there are distos like linspire, xandros, ubuntu, opensuse etc which are targeted at home and business users. But the sad fact is many people still fails to realize that linux is user-friendly and a very good operating system.
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@pride91 (38)
21 Mar 07
everyone can use linux! Windows is more popular just because when you buy a pc windows is already installed so all the people use Windows and all programmers makes programs for Windows, but in my opinion Linux (oder Mac) is better...
• Philippines
17 Mar 07
I don't think so, I've known people who are more comfortable using linux than windows. They're not even in the IT field. It's just that windows is popular and all...
@chakotay (240)
• Romania
16 Mar 07
Progaming consist of wrinting code and compiling it, and very lttel of this is requierd to efectively use Linux.Although many applications are distributed as source code, the source code is most cases require very littele modification.Compiling source code,moreover is not as complicated as it might seem. One command, "make" can usually accomplish this compilation and the advice to inspect MakeFiles can largely be ignored(I probably should be horsewhipped for the previos statement, but in my experience it's nonetheless true.)there is no doubtthat the Linux experience is enhaced by progamming ability.Linux does lend itself to source code modification, which is part of the reason that its development and bug fixes have neen so rapid, and continuous improvement has been the hallmark of Linux, as well as whole of the GNU organization.