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@moonke (64)
March 14, 2007 4:09am CST
My sister loaned me a dvd, and on the dvd were these 5 reasons, that i though i would share with you are. Did you know that there are 5 main why people are overweight. The reason's are as follows: 1. Lack of knowledge. We all know what fods are good for us... well we should know at least. We all know what the food pyramid looks like but do we know what goes where? Do we know ho many calories/kilojoules we need to have per day? When we educate ourselves we learn how to eat well. 2. Stress When we are stressed or sad we turn to food for comfort. But acknowledging the reasons why we feel the way we do when we do, we can take action. A jornal is great for this. 3. Food tastes and monetary value we naturally have a sweet tooth. So we as humans will tend to go for sweeter things. But when we remove the sweet things from our diet we become acustom with what we have. The other problem is that fast food can be chaper and more convient than the healthier alternatively. 4. Food manufacturing process most of the food we buy is processed. We don't even know half the stuff that goes in it. the other problem is transfats. That's the bad fat. The USA labels the transfat on their foods, But here in australia not all food manufactures do this. The only other alternative is if you didn't grow or kill it you don't eat it. (which means you just eat fruit, vegies, meat and whole grains.) 5. Psychologial factores There could be a medical or psychologial reason why we are overweight. You could be allergic to something you are eating. You could be a diabetic or suffer from depression. But always seek medical/spritial advice before your proceed on your life changing journey.
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14 Mar 07
I reckon the first 3 reason: lack of knowledge, stress and food tastes and value are the biggest effect in why people are overweight. They eat cheap foods that they know aren't good for them, and then get stressed AFTER they eat it. Hey, it's ok, I get stressed for eating to many fast foods when I'm on a diet. But overweight people really need to have the determination to get over the tasty fast foods like KFC and McDonals, and they need to try and prepare some healthy meals that they like themselves for themselves. You move around a lot more when you prepare you own meal and you get so fun out of it, then you can sit down and enjoy the tasty food and feel good about what you have done for today. I have some over weight friends that always tell me that they want to lose some weight but can't. I always tell them that you must be DETERMINED!!! But as usual they don't listen. But one friend which i seriously admire has lost over 20 kg seriously, he goes walking everyday for 2 hours with his iPod even if it rains and eats such healthy foods! To eveyone out there, BE DETERMINED TO LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU WANT TO!!!!
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