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March 14, 2007 4:11am CST
Isnt it better to devise a method through which religious and moral teachings of all major religions are integrated in our education syatem.
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@Artsimba (1335)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I think that is a most excellent idea. That's the kind of information that school kids need to make up their own mind instead of what I've seen in college classes (I was lucky I was an older student at the time) where the professors are actually getting the students to think the way they (the professors) do instead of getting them to think for themselves. I also think it would be very wise to teach this kind of curriculum because there are parents that don't bring up their children in the religion that they (the parents) were brought up and the kids end up not believing in any thing. If religious and moral teachings of all major religions were taught then at least the students would be aware and then would be able to make up their own mind about what's right and wrong and what to believe in. That's my opinion anyway, and that is the best idea anyone has come up with anywhere. I really hope somehow it catches on. God bless.
• India
15 Mar 07
we think on the same lines Buddy Only wished we could garner more support.