Environmental ethics

March 14, 2007 4:43am CST
This is about the environmental ethics: The world is an ,an international commons of air,water and other basic resources. it is generally agreed that industrial activity does affect the biosphere. ?here are some basic issues for engineers should ask himself/herself the following questions and find out the answers before entering new sphere of activity: 1.to what extent the activity affects the environment? 2.To what extent can those effects be controlled physically? 3.have all measures been implemented? 4.can i be effective as an engineer to save environment for future? 5.what are my responsibilities in all this? FEW KINDS OF ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES OF CONCERN TO ENGINEERS a.acid rain: b.polychlorinated byphenyls c.asbestos in the air and drinking water d.land subsidense e.too little water There are two kinds of environmental ethics,they are: 1.nature-centered ethics 1.1.sentinent-centered ethics. 1.2.biocentric ethics. 1.3.ecocentric ethics. 2.human centered environmental ethics.
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