Who would you leave your children to?

United States
March 14, 2007 5:19am CST
My husband and I are writing up wills, and we're trying to decide who we feel safe in raising our children, if anything did happen to us. My mom and biological father do not speak, and haven't in about 20 years, so that leaves both of them out. My older brother is not the most responsible person in the world (money-wise) and my younger brother is only 22. My sister is expecting a baby of her own, and I'm not sure that throwing a teenager and a 6 year old in their laps would be fair. My aunt did offer to take them, but they're not used to having children in their house... theirs moved out about 10 years ago. My mother in law is getting ready to retire early because she has severe back problems, so going back to raising children would be very difficult for her. My father in law and his wife are wonderful people, but aren't really the "parent" type... they weren't even the type when my husband was a kid. Then, I have two close friends. One already has four children of her own (and is a wonderful mother) and the other is not as strict with her children as I would like. So, this is a very difficult choice. What do you think? Do you know who your kids would go to? How did you make that decision?
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@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
14 Mar 07
That is a tough decision to make. My husband and I decided not to leave our children to either of our parents because of their age. If our children were to loose us unexpectedly and we left them with someone so much older they may end up alone in the end after all. We looked at all our options, as you have. I chose my sister who doesn't have any children because she is the most responsible of all our choices. Remember to ask the person you choose first. I wouldn't rule out the 22 yr old brother. When I was 20 my sister asked if I would raise her children if anything happened to them and I felt honored. Follow your heart and I am sure you will make the right decision.
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@agan88 (64)
• Singapore
14 Mar 07
An interesting and difficult question, I will probably leave them with my parents and next will be my sister who have children of the age.
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@joshdale08 (2325)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
good question. and i'm still thinking about it. i can't leave my kids with my parents coz, obviously, they will not outlive me. once, i'd have chosen my younger brother but evr since he got married to a nightmare of a sis-in-law, i have scrapped him from the list. definitely, not with my inlaws coz they have enough to deal with, as it is, to be saddled with my 3. maybe, the best thing we can do is open a trust fund in each of the kids' names and have it accessible to them when they're in college already. i'm still not sure, though, if this is advisable.