Teflon coming off of your pots/pans??

@babyhar (1339)
March 14, 2007 6:33am CST
Have you ever had pots & pans where the teflon was coming off.. I know that I have in the past.. If this has happened to you as well.. The moment you had seen that the teflon was coming off in to your very own food.. Did you run out & purchase new pots/pan? Or did you simply just keep on cooking with the same pot or pan regardless of what was happening? Also if you had seen that the teflon was going in to your food.. Did you end up eating that dish that night or just throw out the food in general? I know this has happened to me & I ended up throwing out the food I had prepared for dinner in to the garbage.. As I didn't want to be eating something such as that & having it be in my food that I had prepared for me & my other half.. Please do share your experiences & what you had done when this had begun to happen to your pots/pans that you would or do cook with! . . Thanks for sharing with me as well! xx
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@easy888 (10405)
• Australia
21 Mar 07
Normally, it is safe to use Teflon pots/pans, they can resist temperature up to 250 degree, so there is no problem when you are cooking, but if you accidentally forget to switch the stove off, the temperature will be much higher than 250 degree and the teflon will decompose to some toxic chemicals, that is the time when you see some telfon coating wears off and you have to replace the teflon pan/pots. Once the coating has been scratched, you will see the surface continue to wear off. The chemical is actually carcinogenic and you should not use the pan/pots again. In order to use the teflon pans/pots safely, you should not forget to swtch off the stove and keep burning the pan, you should use a spinge instead of a staninless stell scourer to clean the pots/pans to prevent any damage to surface.
14 Mar 07
I have one pot that has been worn away on the inside. I still cook with it as it is not flaking. I haven't been able to replace it because I bought it from QVC in the States. The UK site just doesn't have the same things. So, I am still looking for another frying pan.
• United States
14 Mar 07
I haven't had that happen, but then again, I never, ever use metal utensils on them.
• United States
14 Mar 07
Ooh, I hate when the teflon comes off. I still have my pans that I got when I first moved in to my own place, nearly8 years ago. My pans are pretty well shot now. I can't put anything in there because it sticks so bad! I have to be careful and cannot leave it unattended for very long. Yes, we have eaten things in the past out of those pans, even when I noticed it was scraping off. Is that gross? Although recently I went out and bought a new frying pan because the one I had all ready bit the dust. I kept it just in case, but I think I will throw it away. The new one os so much nicer and I can't see reason to have 2.
@samsonskola (3357)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I've had that happen before, and yes I threw the whole thing out with the pot! I simply couldn't stand the thought of those flakes being in something we eat. That's the thing I never liked about teflon pans, and it's probably the reason I got away from using them altogether.
@raveena (1357)
• India
14 Mar 07
I have not yet faced the problem as yet but the first thing that I would do is throw them out and purchase good quality ones.
@joshdale08 (2325)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
i've experienced having the teflon coating come off as i was cooking and i immediately discarded the food and the pan. i'm not really sure if the coating could be toxic but i'm not taking any chances. i can always buy another one.