Teflon coming off of your pots/pans??

@babyhar (1339)
March 14, 2007 6:33am CST
Have you ever had pots & pans where the teflon was coming off.. I know that I have in the past.. If this has happened to you as well.. The moment you had seen that the teflon was coming off in to your very own food.. Did you run out & purchase new pots/pan? Or did you simply just keep on cooking with the same pot or pan regardless of what was happening? Also if you had seen that the teflon was going in to your food.. Did you end up eating that dish that night or just throw out the food in general? I know this has happened to me & I ended up throwing out the food I had prepared for dinner in to the garbage.. As I didn't want to be eating something such as that & having it be in my food that I had prepared for me & my other half.. Please do share your experiences & what you had done when this had begun to happen to your pots/pans that you would or do cook with! . . Thanks for sharing with me as well! xx