LOVE - The reason behind it!

@mdchennai (2129)
March 14, 2007 7:01am CST
I hope that each and every one in their life will experience the feeling of LOVE, even i have experienced and am still experiencing it. Whenever i tell that i am in love, the first question that people ask is, What made you to love her? They just want to know the reason why we love? Well i dont really know the reason behind loving her but what should i answer others? I just tell them that i love her because of her CHARACTER. One day i just sat around one corner and was thinking what really the reason is, speaking frankly i only got headache but no reason. Till today i dont know the reason ;P Do you have any reason behind your love??????
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14 Mar 07
Love is one of the strongest and most elusive emotions. Nearly every person seeks to experience the feeling of being in love. And once it is achieved, one's life is forever changed. Yet, most people would have extreme difficulty describing what exactly love is, how they know for sure that they are in love, or why love is so universally important.
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@mdchennai (2129)
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19 Mar 07
Yes you are right, love is the strongest emotions. I believe that each and every one will experience love once in a life time. If someone falls in love then he will keep thinking of the person whom he love and also will like to spend much of his/her time with him/her.