honda c70 wiring diagram

July 11, 2006 4:43pm CST
I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a 12 volt honda C70 to convert my 6 volt ST70 Any ideas?? Thanks!
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19 Sep 08
you dont need one.If you are fitting a 12v C70 engine,use the electrics loom and cdi etc.for the loom to fit the st70,the alternator wiring needs to be brought out the loom in a differemt place by slitting the covering,pull the wires out further back and tape it up.likewise the ignition wiring needs to exit the loom six inches further down the loom.most colours match.the headlamp switch on the lh headlamp bracket needs consideration.Tape up the green and the white/yellow tracer wires.they are not used in the 12v C70 conversion.consider the yellow and pink wires in the headlamp switches as black and connect them accordingly.Connect headlamp and accessories as normal,colour to colour. Ok?. Martin