My partner calls my best Friend!!!!

@Nireths (149)
United States
March 14, 2007 10:12am CST
Why does it make me so angry that he calls her? My best friend and I don't even talk anymore, just every once in a while. He used to call her in front of me pretending to have an interest in her just to bother me, especially when we were angry with each other. But now he calls her randmly, at times when I'm not around of when he's at work. He forgot his cell today and just browsing curiously I found out that he called her while he was at work last monday. What should I do? I normally don't even check his cell. I'm confused now, I don't even know why I'm so jealows and angry at him. What do you think?
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• United States
1 Feb 08
I think there's something goiing on between them. Find out first what's his reason for calling her.
@sweetsue (759)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
It is normal that you get jealous but don't let that jealousy ruin your relationship with your boyfriend. Try to figure things out with him.And you better confront him nicely why he keeps on calling your bestfriend. Might be you've sense something different with him towards your bestfriend because you are being jealous this time. Take things positively. Goodluck!
@era2007 (80)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
ok i understand you get jealous on that but you have to be honest and tell your partner how you feel about it so they will be aware whats going on maybe they are just friends and get close to eacother because its your bestfriend.. people have problems in getting along with there friends and partner right? i gues a nice and open talk can lead you to know whats going on..
@lafavorito (2966)
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
It's best that you talk to your partner about this matter. Either he's really interested with your best friend or he's just making you jealous. Just remember that you're worth too much for him to cheat on you.