Who is the MyLot Godfather?:You Make yourself Heard!

@DonBasyo (215)
March 14, 2007 11:11am CST
It has been an inernet habit for me for the past weeks to always check on my mylot account and browse through the discussions and I must say that I am very much amazed by the ironies it presents. But upon reading between the lines of every discussion, lies a taboo question: "Who is the best author amongst us?" A tricky question? Not really, hey let us face it that in this little world that we share we tend to have a favorite writer, where we tend to enjoy the things he/she writes, where he/she always inputs intriguing issues and comments. He/she might be someone who could always invite people to read and comment on his/her commentaries and/or literary works maybe... In short: "Who is the MyLot Godfather?" Can you name one or some maybe... the important thing is for you to justify why you choosed him/her as your answer.
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• United States
14 Mar 07
I can't begin to name anyone on this post. I am not sure the list can hold my true mylot friends. I can say it's awesome to have them on my friends list. I have had the most help from them in tough times. I have given them best response so many times. It is a hard thing to list your buddies then find you forgot one very good one. So I hope your understanding of me. I can't list my names here. They know who they are by my posts and their responses. Thanks
@DonBasyo (215)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
I completely understand... But to basically what I want to know is quite simple. A decade ago studies show that technology made people more introvert and unable to express themselves via writing. With the dawn of the internet,blogging,online broadsheets and the likes we saw a response to this accusation that technolofy takes away the creative aspect of the human being (well as far as written literature is concerned). Now with MyLot I saw that people are able to express themselves very well. So the point of this discussion is whether or not we (the net community) has lost the will to "write" if yes, then plainly we do not have anything to talk about. But if we have not lost it then there should be a reply. And the best way to answer it is by commending the people we see very good in MyLot for it provides us the means to know through their works how well we(the internet community) express ourselves via technology. Citing the MyLot Godfather does not mean to depriciate others... Rather this discussion yearns to appreciate the good effects MyLot has enabled us to do... Express ourselves (besides making money). So I hope you understand my vantage point and may the confusion be cleared from here. Thank you very much... Your opinion matters... Make them heard...