What kind of payment u like

March 14, 2007 11:56am CST
Would like to hear, what kind of payment peoplre usuallu use when make shopping: in cash or in credit card? For myself much more comfortable credit card. But not at all places salespeople accept cards. So it is necessary to have some cash. And it make me problems sometimes, because I often forget to keep some cash. But i noticed, that when I use both payments., I spend much more money neither all were in cach, because it become difficult to controll "traffic" of money. How people are dealing with it?
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• Philippines
14 Mar 07
yah, i agree with you... it's very difficult to controll "traffic of money". but as for me, i like to pay as cash... i want to control money as i can... :D
• Lithuania
14 Mar 07
Yes me too now decided to use a cash as often as it is possoble. when see how much is in my wallet I feel more safe and can controll my wish to buy not neccessary things
@juicebox (107)
• United States
14 Mar 07
i don't know, i really can't choose. if i have a certain amount of cash with me then i end up spending it all. if i have a credit card, i might spend more. but sometimes there's things you really want but can't control.