i wrote a love letter but i desperately need a big favor

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March 14, 2007 12:24pm CST
hi guys! i wrote a letter for my BF its our 2nd year anniversary, i dont do this often and i want to surprise him. but i need my grammar to be corrected so if you could help me pls do??? ill be very greatful. you can add more sweet words in it and re-word or re-constract the sentence. pls help me... thank you so muhc! this is a real big favor and i hope you can help me. thank you!--- ""from the first time that i saw you i knew it was going to be you. i fell inlove with you from the time i laid my eyes on you. i want to take this chance to apologize if i offended you in ay way yesterday, i honestly didnt want to hurt you but i did again. i dont want to rush you to forgive me i can wiat until you'll get better. i was kind of rebelious before where i intend to make you jealous so i can hurt you. because i was the one whose jealous and i want to got even with you. but things changed. im a better person now a lot better than before. im still copinf from the painyou have caused me there's still tears puor down my eyes when im alone in my room and i start to question my self when will i get over this pain? i know i will and i sincerely would want to feel every stinging pain from what happened, cos through those pain thats where i get my strength from. i know this is the right time to take revenge, but i chose not to. it will just pull us both down in hell. i want us to start a new friendship a peaceful relatonship. as we always say "i want this to work out" because i,love this relatiohipwith you so much. where i know i know i just cant afoord to keep breathing wit out you beside me. definitely there can be few arguements will come along us, but i hope not as violent as we used to have in the past where we almost want to killed each other. i jsut want to take care of you, stay with you for a lifetime. i still have a lot to offer and without asking or demanind for any return all i want is to love youa nd fight for you forever. ill be right here to guide you, accept you and understand you. i love you with every impulse of my brain, every clotting and coagulating time of my precious blood, every second the world is turing around. i will love you until my last consciouseness, my last sight, mlast beat of my heart, i will love you beyond this lifetime.""
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