United States
March 14, 2007 1:42pm CST
Do you bribe your children? Not big things, just little ones. Like telling a young child that you'll give them a cookie for being good while out in public, or telling them they get a sticker if they use the potty during potty training. Is bribery wrong in the raising of children?
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@Sicantik (706)
14 Mar 07
No not yet anyway I think 2 year old still too young for that. I think you should see it as a reward instead of bribe. And it depend on the situation. Like quite soon I'll start potty train him. If he does well then I'll reward him with sticker. I think kids will appreciate it more if they also see it as a reward, because then they will really put an effort into it. But if I only want him to behave during outing I will just say behave yourself or we go home.Atleast that's what work with my boy...xx