why are emo and symbols of darkness so popular nowadays?

March 14, 2007 2:11pm CST
One of my all-time favorite images is a scene from the movie "Daredevil", the part where, after Electra's death, you see Daredevil in the pouring rain on the cupola of the church, clinging to the cross. Supposedly, a real devil can't even touch a cross without being burnt, so seeing this red person, horns, tail and all, hugging the cross, would seem blasphemous. But then, at present, emo images of pain, blood, depression, suicide and death are popular... I can't even surf Friendster or any other networking site without coming across personal profiles with emo themes. Usernames like "dark angel" and "demon" and "diablo" are common; people refer to themselves as "bad", "wicked"... and some girls take pride in the title "biatch". It's like things have turned upside down and what was once bad and taboo has now become good and desirable. Some may say, some people are really just born evil, born to be bad, and show it. Others may view it as an indication of the last days, of the depravity and darkness that supposedly characterize Armageddon. That may be. I can't help but wonder, in a world where perfection is impossible, if somehow because we cannot attain that perfection, we embrace our imperfections. Instead of trying to cover up our flaws, we choose to be display them openly. It's like telling a person "I don't love you" since that person has not told us that they love us. It's rejecting before we can be rejected. But deep inside, like Daredevil, in spite of the outward image, we cling to the cross, hoping against hope that the hand of acceptance and redemption would still be extended to us. That someone would still love us unconditionally..
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@aznj50 (84)
• United States
26 Mar 07
Emo is dumb word. It just another group that never got into the goth group so they are in their own group.
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
i have an answer to that question tooo.... in the 80's,one friend said to me that there are musicians and groups at that time,and because of our present times now,people forget of those things,because they made new groups as of the late 80's.and because the people now can't recall the great musicians,they make the one's called EMO,PUNK,and what do we called GOTH.... the story i hear that some of the people say that emo are poor........ I guess so0..... .
@ecka13 (38)
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
i think its because of the new era or new generation of people.. respond some of threads thnx..