could someone please help us?

March 14, 2007 4:34pm CST
could someone please help me? i do have a friend who had been with her boyfriend for 4 years, the've been live in for 2 years but the guy have to move in a new place because of his family and work. now my friend wanted to break up with him because she cant continue the long distance relationship, she was having dificulties between the two of them in fact that they are too far from each other. but the guy doesent want to because he loves her soo much and their fanilies are also close to eachother. i ask the girl if she still love him and she said that yes she still does but there are time that it s so hard to continue. its been 1 year that they are apart and she told me that she really give up! shes asking for me an advice and i dont know what to say because i havent experience it yet and its so sad for me because both of them are my best friends so i could not favor to any of them i must be fair to both of them what do you think is the best advice that i could give her? or for both of them?
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