@tholmes (101)
March 14, 2007 5:03pm CST
Ok everybody let's be honest, how many of you out there have snacks at night before bed? And what kinds? I always have a snack at around 8 pm, and most times it will be potato chips, hmm yummy! Have to have those chips! :-)
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@williamjisir (22901)
• China
13 Apr 08
Hello dear tholmes. I usually have some snacks at night if I stay up too late like after ten in the evening. I would like to have some peanuts, seeds and a cup of milk when I feel hungry before going to bed because I do not like to go to sleep hungry. Thanks very much for responding to my discussion, dear tholmes. I hope that you will be very active at Mylot together with us friends. Thank you very much for your discussion and happy posting.
@ganwn071 (1117)
• Singapore
14 Mar 07
I snack before going to bed else, just feel something is missing if I don't snack. I will open a bag of chip and relax before the television and have a cup of coffee at the same time...
@mbizmom (237)
• United States
14 Mar 07
My snacktime comes at around midnight, since I don't go to bed till around three or later depending on my nightowl son. I usually crave ice cream or microwave popcorn but I occasionally crave cold cereal with milk, probably the best for me out of the lot.
• United States
14 Mar 07
I can not hardly go to sleep at night unless I have had a piece of chocolate and a big glass of milk. Or a bowl of ice cream works. I know it is a habit and if I try to go to bed with out, I end up laying there wide awake until I get up and enjoy.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
14 Mar 07
hmmm yes, but I alway go for toast because for some reason I have it in my head that is ok, probably not but I feel better having toast rather than aything else...
@xXmeganxX (4422)
14 Mar 07
hi there, well i only eat twice a day as food doesn't really satisfy me anymore, reason unknown for this but i eat afternoon and then evening, i have my evening meal around about 8pm, then i go to sleep around 2AM, a good few hours so that it can settle down in my stomach, i wouldn't go to bed on a full stomach tho! =)