March 14, 2007 6:26pm CST
Yay! I have finally reached 100 postings. It has taken me much longer than some others but I am no where near bored yet. Heres to the next 100.
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
Congratulations to you princess, way to go!;) I noticed that you got a nice star beside your name too, keep up the good work and we expect you spend more time in here. Do good here, make quality posts and post it responsibly. This site is really good just don't expect too much on the money though!;) The most rewarding thing here is to gain some knowledge, and to engage in some conversations from other people from all over the world. Good work, and happy posting!;)
15 Mar 07
Thank you. I will do my best to spend more time here. It is good fun and I have already made some friends and learnt that coffee has fibre in it. People seem nice here and I have felt most welcome. Thanks to everyone
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@xXmeganxX (4422)
14 Mar 07
congrats princess i was happy when i first reached 100 posts too! im looking to get to 3000 posts soon, i always get happy when they go higher, lol! keep up the good work! =)
15 Mar 07
Thank you. I have seen some of your postings before so I am sure you will be at 3000 before you know it. good luck
@taramoon (742)
• Spain
14 Mar 07
Well done princess keep up the good work and now you have a nice shinny star to...lol xx
15 Mar 07
Thank you. I love having a star, it makes me feel I really do belong here.
• United States
14 Mar 07
Congrats to you. It is fun to see your postings amount change. It has taken me much longer than most to get to where I am as well. Keep up the good work and have fun discussing.
15 Mar 07
Thank you, I like to check in everyday to increase my postings but I cant always spend as much time on here as I would like. I see you are going well too.