Ever suffered from lice?

United States
March 14, 2007 11:44pm CST
I have been unfortunate enough to suffer from this once. The school where my daughter goes to school had an outbreak and someone wasn't taking all necessary steps, so it continued throughout the school for weeks! My daughter brought the bothersome bugs home and I got them from her. We thought we were suffering from dry scalp until one day I checked her head. Oh my goodness! I saw and killed five bugs within minutes. I was devastated! I immediately went to the local CVS and bought some lice shampoo (CVS brand). I shampooed her hair and combed out nits for nearly three hours. Then it was time to do mine. My daughter absolutely refused to do mine for the fear they would get back in her hair. THis upset me, but I had to get it done! So I spent the next four hours working on my head. I only found one bug and a few nits, so they had just started on me apparently. Have you suffered from this predicament? If so, what remedy did you use and did it work?
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@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
15 Mar 07
well yes..when im preganant of my first born..i dont know where i got it really..but it was gone due to constant shampooing and combing my hair..i bought a comb for lice actually..and its of course it work...
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• United States
15 Mar 07
I hate those darn bugs. I was quite embarassed and appalled finding out I had it. While the little lice combs is nice, it doesn't help much with extra fine hair which is what my daughter has, so I spent a lot of time going back after using the comb and nit-picking with my fingernails!