Am I no longer my own person??

@imsilver (1668)
March 14, 2007 11:51pm CST
LOL...I can't remember when the last time was that someone actually called me by my first name.. LOL.. I was thinking about it earlier today.. my boyfriend has pet names for me, my kids of course call me mom, my friend's don't really call me anything.. we just talk.. My children's friends refer to me as "Cait's mom" or "Tanis' mom".. lol.. I'll hear that alot when I'm downtown.. "Hi Caitlyn's mom!" from out of nowhere.. The other day I passed my son's girlfriend's mom (are ya still with me?...LOL) on the sidewalk and I got "Hi umm.. Kerry's boyfriends mom. One of the kids at the school refers to me as "the trenchcoat lady" because he's just taken with this beige trenchcoat that I wear in the spring. Other than having people who don't know me ask for me by name on the phone, I really can't remember when my actual name was used in addressing me.. LOL..
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@crystal8577 (1470)
• United States
15 Mar 07
It can be easy to loose yourself. I remmeber just being a number & last name when I was in the Army, it drove me nuts. I had friends that I could not even have told you some of their first names. I still do not get called by my name much. I am so & so's mom or wife.
@aneer72 (181)
• India
15 Mar 07
That is a good quesition. It happens many a time that we are not called by our first name. In my case my hubby calles me by my first name when some guesta re around so a not to embarrase them with the pet names he usually calles me. That is when I sometimes realise that I am called by my first name a little late.