Why is raising kids so expensive?

March 15, 2007 12:16am CST
I have 4 kids, they are beautiful. My hubby and I work very hard to see that they have the necessities of life, but we have reached our limit. We have to stop at 4. Why? because they are very expensive to raise. It angers me, and I feel like it is an unfair control that the government has over honest hard working people that work to give their families everything they need. We would love to have at least two more kids, but with the amount of money we make it isn't possible. Yet I see women / families out there everyday on social assistance that keep having kids every couple years, and being paid to stay home with them, while my hubby and I work our butts off around each other's schedules so that either he or I can be home with/for the kids while being able to raise them. Does anyone out there ever feel this way, like they would like or would have liked to have more kids, but felt pressured to stop financially? did it anger you to know that people are having baby after baby while on assistance but you have to slave away?
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