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Relation - Realationship
March 15, 2007 12:20am CST
Won't I lose my friends and lover if I always insist on getting my own way?
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• Philippines
15 Mar 07
You will eventually if you insist on getting your own way. Learn to bend a little. You dont own the world, there are other people in this world so try to be flexible. We have different frames of mind so better accept that fact.
• Singapore
15 Mar 07
I think that you'll be acting like a spoilt brat if you continue to act this way towards your lover and friends and at the end of the day, you'll probably lose your friends and lover. A relationship is a two way traffic for both parties, if its just one party always giving in to the other party, then this relationship will definitely part, be it between friends, lovers, etc....In order to have a loving relationship, we need to give in to one another at times and learn to accept that the party is not an angel after all. All of us bound to make mistake here and there and we need to be forgiving and loving towards our friends and lovers if something bad really happens to us.
• United States
15 Mar 07
Yes, you will. You know that, even when you are right, you can acknowledge the opinion of the other person. Think how you would feel if your friends always insisted that they were right and that you were wrong.