Why do some people people like to be alone?

depressed - what is he suffering from?
March 15, 2007 1:02am CST
I have personslly encountered some kind of people who like to be alone and do not mingle in friends' discussions and are quite often seen to be sitting alone in a corner thinking of somthing or just ingoring others. What do you have to say of this peoples? are they egoistic?are they depressed?are they worried others? do they have some psycological problem? what exactly is your thinking about such peoples?
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• Indonesia
15 Mar 07
It is normal because sometime people need a peace place. It doesnt mean that he is egois. It just a character of people
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
I am a loner, but I am cetainly not egoistic, nor do I have psychological problems. It's just that I am more comfortable being alone than with so many people. Helps me think a lot, undestructed. I know many people do not understand why there are people like me who does not, or seldom, mingle with a crowd. We have our own reasons why and these reasons are valid. I am more at peace with myself when I'm alone, because then I am able to recapture life in my thoughts.
@socorban (651)
• United States
15 Mar 07
hey hey now, im a loner. I work better on my own. In some cases its the lead follow bit, not everyone enjoys comformity or falling in with the latest social trends. I am selective about friends, I would rather have on ereal friend i can trust the 500 sceemers. In some cases its a personaltiy complex, some people just get irritated in crouds or by other people. I for instance have a hard time dealing with "ignorant people" not saying everyone is, but i am surprised out how many utterly stupid people there are out there and frankly they urk me. Im sure depression plays a role in some cases as well. Also only childs are twice as likely to grow up loners, either there a spoiled brat or they are a loner. There is alot of variables that play into it im sure, some people jsut like being by theselves for the peace of it.