Songs with names ... How many songs do you know have a person's name in it?

@nowment (1758)
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March 15, 2007 1:33am CST
Perhaps there should be separate question for each name you can think of with multiple songs, or separate for male and female. Currently I am trying to find song titles or songs with the girls name Lisa in it. Can anyone think of any? My Lisa - Bay City Rollers [mid 70's] Lisa - 3rd Strike Don't Let's Talk About Lisa - Lonestar I'm Not Lisa - Jesse Colter [early 70's] Lisa Listen to Me - Blood Sweat and Tears I know there are other names many many names in songs, Beth - Kiss She Thinks His Name was John - Rebe McIntire Gloria - Laura Branigan Layla -
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@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
2 May 07
oh julie - shaking stevens viva bobby joe - eddie grant and the eagles (yes this is where my mother got my name) helena - my chemical romance mary of the 4th form - boomtown rats grace kelly - mika danny california - red hot chillie peppers jonny b good - can't remember who wrote that 1 lol explosive - tenacious d lee - tenacious d josie - blink 182 who wrote Holden Colfield - green day balad of wilhelm fink - green day Haushinka - green day (it's a song about a girl called haushinka isobel - dido maria - green day maceys day parade - green day and finally, 80 - green day (yeah 80 lol, it is the name that billy joe armstrong calles his wife adrienne). these were taken from looking through my media player lol, and i am sure there are many many more that could be added :P
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21 May 07
I know what you mean I actually realized I had several songs with the same name, and so began to wonder, what names were used, which names were most common in songs or most popular etc. As for Johnny B Good it is the Chuck Berry classic that has been sung by many of course by Chuck Berry, as well as Elvis, someone named Ms Lisa and I am sure countless otherI liked the song list since there were some I am not familiar with. Thanks.
@kris_02ph (564)
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
I have some in mind... Mandy by Barry Manilow Jane Doe by Alicia Keys Adrienne by The Calling Delilah! Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles (although Georgia here is a place, but still it's a person's name!) Aubrey by David Gates Ventura by America
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20 Mar 07
I recently went to look up songs, by name, and found so many that I was surprised, I wondered how many people noticed this trend with out even realizing they knew it. I forgot about some of the songs you mentioned, I thought about checking to see if I could get lists by specific names see what names may be the most commonly used in songs, any ideas as to what names you may see most often in song?
@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
2 May 07
hmmm... Well I know lots of songs but I'm not sure I know all the artists who sang them. Stan- Eminem Valerie- I don't remember the artist, but everytime I heard that song on the radio, I would get paid that day, so I made the connection, Valerie=salary. Billy Jean- Michael Jackson (that was easy) Can't think of any more, at least not just yet.