parents vs. boyfriend

March 15, 2007 1:42am CST
i had my first boyfriend when i am in first year college. i do not want to lie to my parents so i told them that i alredy have a boyfriend. they still dont want me to get into a relationship and they want me to focus on my studies. my boyfriend is my inspiration and i really do love him. but my parents ask me to choose between the two. i choose my studies. do you think it is still reasonable for my parents to ask me to leave my boyfriend inspite of my high grades and true feelings for my boyfriend.
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15 Mar 07
I personally feel that it is unreasonable. You are an adult now and as such need to make your own decisions. But I also understand were they are coming from... they want you to do well and not risk throwing it all away because of a relationship. Perhaps you could talk to them again and tell them how you feel. Could there be a compromise to this situation? Perhaps you agree to only socialise with this lad at weekends? Maybe they could meet him and see that he is not trying to lead you astray... If they can see he is as serious about his study as you are then maybe they will relax a little. Good luck. But I do agree that lieing to your parents is not an option. You need to either go along with their wishes, stand up to them and tell them you will do well but they cannot enforce this, or try to change their minds. Whichever route you take... good luck and I hope all goes well.