" windows Vista is really safe rather then the others windows programs".. ??

March 15, 2007 2:01am CST
The microsoft added antother tamptaion in their computer world just recently and i think everyone whom readingthis knows that that softwere none other than its "WINDOWS VISTA" when microsoft start its seeling in the market they mainly targeted to a point, frm the 1st day of launching they said that, 'vista' is 'fully pieracy proof softwre' and if someone use this softwere by pierated copy downloading to their PC,S it will affect on the working of the other softwere instaalled in their PC also. it will never been used without the 'legel installation' number of times they said in their "official or publical issuing conferences". but i feel these all statements r just a copybook note. i already seen many peoples using the vista successfully without any prbs. and they r usiing it illlegly. so anyone can tell me that their is really any prbs. using vista with a pierated softwere or the present situtation will still continious like its going on at present or reaaly there is anykind of preperations made by microsoft to hendle this situtation bcoz if this phenomima continuous there will be a huge looss for microsoft finencially.. ??
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