@00fear (3209)
United States
March 15, 2007 2:10am CST
hi, i wanted to know. i like to be an electronics technician when i get out of school, im studying for that right now. meanwhile, i would like to be doing like an extra career now. not my main career but like an extra one. my brother is studying for computers, on how to fix them and work them out and everything, but meanwhile, he is also in a real estate school to learn how to sell houses and stuff. my question is, is there certain extra careers that you can do, or any career can be your extra one? me, i want to be like the mechanics from gas and west coast costumes from pimp my ride, is that okay as my little extra career? can any career be your main or extra career, like maybe the main career im studying for (electronic technician) is my extra career (mechanic fro, gas), and my extra career is my main career? if not, what are the types of extra career that there is, can you please post them here. at least a few or if you want all the extra ones there is? thanks
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@ifthen (26)
• China
15 Mar 07
I wanna worker as a human resource manager and I wanna be a interpreter also
• China
26 Mar 07
i am always thinking of having an extra career,but don't know how to choose.i think maybe tutor is a good choice for me.