The possessive nature of DOGS is very high....

Cute doggie!!! - a puppy eagerly waiting for its owner..
@Minuuu (31)
March 15, 2007 5:25am CST
I am a dog lover..Have 2 daschunds and 1 rottweiler at home..They love me so much that they get so annoyed when i play with just one in front of their eyes and leave the other two..So i always have to spend time with each doggie without the notice of the others..Its impossible to let loose all three because they fight like mad.. Dogs are possessive because they always want to defend their property.. When your dog is annoyed or feeling jealous you can notice their tail held up so straight and their hairs pointing stiff..Also when you give them toys and food make sure you give all at the same time..and dont snatch it away from them when they are half done.. Dogs consider themselves the leader of the flock and leaders protect their belongings and dont share them.. Your love for them should never decline..
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