Got any good exercises for keep fit

March 15, 2007 5:28am CST
Hi Im Toya Does anyone want to exchange exercise and keep fit ideas to tone up with different exercises to do. For example what kind of exercises do you do when you do keep fit to tone up or burn fat or get fit or build muscle. Do you know any good websites with free information and exercises on it? Also do you stick to your fitness training program? Do you have a fitness and workout training program - or do you think its useful to have one. Let me know what you think and I'll always write back. Thanks for joining in the discussion in advance
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• India
15 Mar 07
I do strictly feel that its neccessary to have a fitness routine. I do have one but its quite rare that I had followed it effectively, but still I keep on trying. I am sure one day I will be very much active in the routine and it will help me. I don't have a proper prescribed routine rather I am just going as to what my body really needs like cycling, ab crunches, walking and other body building exercises to keep my body in fine shape. Do not wait for a proper routine but still the least one can do is to take long walks and do cycling. They both help a lot. Take Care Stay Fit May GOD Bless YOU
17 Mar 07
Hi Thanks for replying. I like cycling and am thinking of getting a bike soon. I am trying to keep to a fitness routine at the moment and have been in contact with Suzieq223 and others on my lot recently. We're reporting back each day on what exercise we do. Its pretty good I think Im going to try and keep it up
17 Mar 07
Hi Thanks for writing. I like cycling and am thinking about getting a bike. Ive been trying to follow a fitness routine and have been in contact with Suzieq223 and others where we report back each day about the exercise were doing
• United States
12 Apr 07
I have a few pieces of workout equipment in my spare room, but I have trouble keeping to a workout plan. Having 3 jobs makes me want to sleep any chance I have, so I don't do much of anything when I'm home. I also have many Pilates DVD's, and if a person were to keep up with something like that, I can tell they would really do great on staying fit and loosing weight.
13 Apr 07
3 jobs sounds a lot You cant have much time for other things Still i think even 30mins exercise a week or a few minutes a day is good as it helps keep you fit