Weaning out of medicines from Depression for a boy of 16 years?

@irkhan (80)
March 15, 2007 5:59am CST
He was studying 10th standard last year(2006). He had an attack of Typhoid in October 2006. He was not able to attend school for around 5 days. After attending school he found that he was way behind his friends in his studies. (He was in the top 5 ranks upto 9th standard). He had a fear of exams and he was afraid to attend Practical exams. Some how we persuaded him to fight it out, but he was not willing to accept the moral support. He was adamant and aggressive in his behaviour where we came to a conclusion that he must have the support of medicines. The medicines were started in Dec'2005 and it was continued till Jan'2007. So far no problem, but still he is not have interest in studies. Now on Feb 1st of 2007 he had a mild attack of Chicken pox. The doctor had recommended us to stop the medicines until he is cured from Chicken pox. So far he is fine without medicines, though he has little tantrums and the teenage behaviour's and aggression. Can we continue without medicines. Suggest
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