"until forever"

March 15, 2007 6:37am CST
My world suddenly stopped revolving When i felt this intense pain that seem everlasting It was like the hardest slap i have ever received From someone I thought i have loved all these years Never can i blame you of leaving me For i have ben so insensitive and too blind to see Yes, it took me sometime to ever realize That thing has its endings and i was surprised It was merely beyond my expectations You're leaving me with no trace no reason You have left me wondering what had gone wrong When i thought what you had was something strong But then i guess i am to be blamed after all For i have caused you much confusion and kept you hanging on You may have thought i have never loved you I tell you what i had for you was something true A unique and absurd feeling i suppose That neither you and i had never known it is funny how i hated you that much and yet i feel odd when you are out of touch it 's been like this for the past few years forgive me of saying "i was never pleased" indeed you have proven your intentions were clean but still you haven't played the music i'd love to hear just like you i have waited long enough to feel that single thing that would touch my heart fate never gave us the chance to see magic wasn't there to give us the trick miracles didn't happened when God wants us to be finally you gave in and then walked away thinking there's no use for you to stay until one day you've found somebody new somebody i thought who's perfect for you i thank you so much for being a part of me ive learned so much in life you see proudly i can say i've grown into maturity at last, i let loose of my b**** personality given the chance to live my life again i'd never erase that part of you my friend i'd surely remember those times of us together a memory i'll treasure until forever. i just wanted to share this poem i have kept for some time.feel free to give your insights.:)
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