have you been hit by a car??

March 15, 2007 7:22am CST
A friend told me that he just witnessed a person being hit by a car. It was an accident but yet the person to be blamed is the driver because he's like drunk or sleepy. What would you do if you were in the position of the victim? What if you were in the position of the driver? How do you prevent such incidents?
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• Philippines
16 Mar 07
i haven't been hit by a car but my ate have experinced that when we're kids.i had experienced hitting but a tricycle that old times, i was totally shocked. i collapsed and woke up in the hospital. and when the doctor & my parents interview me about what happened, i was blacked out, i can't remember how did it happen. the incident was very fast. i'm just lucky that it was only a tricycle that hit me.
• Romania
15 Mar 07
Yes, in fact i was once the victim in a car accident, it was my fault though - i cross the street behind a tram without assuring and i got hit by a cab. It was running in slow speed so the impact had no repercursions but a nasty bruise and a good scare from my part... The secret to prevent such unfortunate accidents is ATENTION, both from the driver and from the pedestrian part!