Y is life so tough that u sometimes give up????

March 15, 2007 8:17am CST
life is too tough,and the thing which makes it diff is the ppl all r hipocrittes all of em i mean act as ur frnd wen takkin to u and behind ur back ,show theyre real selves they hate u their, i mean why is that so the same thing happns to me evryday i know back biting gets evry1 to his nerves but i just want an answer evry buddy hates u,and ur no benefit to the world and then u find out that ur best frnds even back bite abt u and ur parents hate u cuz u don get good grades isnt that enough for giving up if yes then why is life made lik this why is it so big for hate and so less for love why do ppl hate the person whos good and love the1 whos bad?
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