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March 15, 2007 8:26am CST
I heard my friend telling a story about a loser. I'm going to reiterate what she said. So, here goes, there was once a poor, nerdy girl who won't talk unless someone forces her to, who always gets into trouble for being the way she is. Then suddenly she met a bunch of fairies. The thing is, they're not just ordinary nymphs. They're all boys. Since she met them , they've been using their magic to spare the pitiful girl from cruel jokes of her classmates. They even turned the table on them once. They were bad-mouthing him on one website, when somebody just pops up and started revealing humiliating secrets. Okay, they're still after her hair after so many attempts of her fairies to keep her above water. After a few years, she graduated and got a good job through her fairies. Then all the nightmares are relived again. Her coworkers won't stop hurling insults and slights her way. Of course this Cinderalla just let everything rolled off her back. The fairies got angry, so they sent this handsome and married man to neutralize the situation that's going out of hand. This man won't stop making goo-goo eyes at Cinderella, which if you're curious, isn't a woman of exceptional beauty, nor attractive in the least. My question is, are her fairies right to send a married, young man to take the matter on his hand? Can you finish the story please?
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• United States
15 Mar 07
As it turns out, this young married man's wife endured similar torments as a child and young adult. His so-called "goo-goo" eyes are being mistakenly judged. This poor Cinderella woman's troubles remind him of the mental anguish his wife had gone through and he simply had a soft spot in his heart for her. This man invites Cinderella to a family barbecue at his home where he then introduces Cinderella to his very handsome and single younger brother, the doctor. Cinderella and the young, single doctor fall in love and carry a long distance relationship (the young doctor was only in town for the family function) via phone, internet and weekends for several months. The young doctor proposes to Cinderella and she marries him and moves away with him. During these months prior to the wedding, Cinderella was so ecstatic about her new boyfriend that the pettiness of her coworkers no longer bothered her. The moral to this story is: Don't judge until the story plays out. Fairies know what they are doing :)
@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
15 Mar 07
..and he did take the matter on his hand.. and because of his looks all of the workers have started to fall in love with him..but the only one he cared about was our all of the employees stopped laughing about her for she knew the secret to the men's heart..and started inviting her to all of their parties in order to discover what is her secret..i mean they all saw that she is not very good looking..until one day the secret was reveald the men is married but to a..nother man..well this is the year 2007..and our cinderella was a lesbian that looked for a men to have a nice merriage with..and they got married in the church..a men to a women and a women to a man like it should be..had 2 straight children and lived in the eyes of society for long long
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
If you want a good ending to this story, the married man brings a good friend to introduce to Cinderella and all so suddenly they fell in love at first sight. So the married man was dumped and had to go back to his family and lived happily from then on. Cinderella on the other hand got married and had a happy family of her own. From then on, all the men and women learned to respect Cinderella and her loved ones, all in tow.