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March 15, 2007 9:55am CST
what is web server software?
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16 Apr 07
For More details on World wide web server, you can refer to the web links below:
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9 Apr 07
it is a software wich connects to internet and helps to have free flow of data
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16 Mar 07
it is a software tht allows u to surf through web. eg. micosoft internet explorer.
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15 Mar 07
The web server market is divided into two areas- intranet servers and public web servers. Some servers run on only one operating system and some others run on several operating systems. The four most popular web servers are listed below. Netcraft frequently conducts surveys to determine the number of websites for measuring the relative popularity The performance of one web server will be different from another based on workload, operating system, size and type of programs. The commonly used web servers are a)Apache http servers It dominates the web in numbers, in part because it is free and performs very efficiently and it is powerful too. Apache is the most widely used one. It runs on many OSs and hardwares. It has a built-in search engine and html authoring tool. It supports FTP. It can be managed either from server console or from a browser. Wizards are available to create new sites and directories. It offers high security with password and digital certificate authentication. Apache supports CGI and APIs. It also supports Server Side Includes (SSI). It also supports ASPs and Java Servlets. It supports ODBC standards and can access Oracle, SQL server etc. b)Microsoft Internet Information Server(MIIS) It comes with Windows NT OS. It is the second most installed web server software. Currently IIS runs only on Windows NT OS. It includes an integrated search engine. It also includes Microsoft’s FrontPage, html development tool and reporting tools. It supports FTP. It creates CERN/NCSA common log file and allows writing to multiple logs. It supports automated cycling and archiving of log files. It permits administration from remote browser. Security is integrated with Win NT. So the basic access control mechanisms like username and password are also provided on IIS. It includes a built in certificate server. It supports ASPs to produce dynamic pages. Also API and database are supported. DB support includes ODBC and Microsoft SQL. c) Netscape Enterprise Server(NES) It is another popular web server program and the descendant of the original web server program. Nes is not free but it allows a free 60day trial. It runs on a collection of OSs- AIX, Digital UNIX ,Win NT, Solaris etc. It provides a powerful development environment that supports development of web based applications that can be run on internet, intranet and extranet. NES content manager allows us to create our own Netshare, personal home directories. It allows the novice users to upload their pages so they don’t have to learn FTP. NES provides local publishing mechanism. NES also provides document conversion, indexing utility programs and search engines. NES management tool allows administrator to manage users and monitor server activity. It provides cluster management so that administrator can manage multiple servers. NES provides password, user authentication and digital certificate. Netscape Directory server (NDS) provides basic security mechanisms. NES provides dynamic application development with CGI and API. NES includes a runtime enviroment called Livewire. NES also Supports a variety of databases- oracle, Sybase, Informix etc 4)O’REILLY’S Website professional It supports Win 95/98 and Win NT. But not UNIX. It is also not free. It has easy installation and good documentation. It includes Webview software to manage the site, Webindex to index documents. Webfind to search the site , Homesite html editor, image map editor and its own e-commerce server. It provides authentication both through WinNT and through its own user/group protection. It supports SSL(secure socket layer). Webview provides link checking and mapping and verification of entire site. It can generate dynamic pages with ASP. It also supports API for website professional and Microsoft internet sever application.(WASAPI and ISAPI). It provides its own iHTML- extension of HTML – using which we can simply convert database information to a page.