puppy love

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March 15, 2007 10:13am CST
A love letter Susan became my deskmate when our class teacher rearranged the seats for us. She was a beautiful girl with big clear eyes. And she always brought a mellow sweetness to everthing she does, and to the people around her. The following days saw our friendship became deeper and deeper. We talked about almost every aspect of our lives, from entertainment to study, from the society to our own families. We found that we had a lot in common. Never came a moment that we deceive each other. We both regarded each other as reliable and trustworthy friends. Bit by bit, I found myself deeply attracted by her. I was charmed by her sweet smile. Her beautiful figure was always in my mind whenever and wherever I was and her voices reverberated in my heart without an end. At first ,I just took it for granted because we were best friends. But gradually I came to realize that I had a crush on her!! From then on ,I changed my attitude towards her in spite of myself. I would have a glimpse of her whenever and wherever possible. And I would took every single opportunity to talk with her. When she spoke, sometimes I could not help staring at her with little concentration on her words. I was sure she knew what had happened to me but she kept silent. Then one day ,I took the courage to send s short message to her, asking “can we develop our relationship a bit further”. Waiting anxiously, I finally got the answer, saying that “yeah, we are best friends” Still desiring to know her feelings on me, I tried more and more times and made my views clearer and clearer, only to get similar replies. She was just avoiding my question. Depression, unhappiness and misery filled my heart. I felt that I was deserted by the rest of the world. “I do not just want to be friends with you!” I yelled in my heart countless times with no echoes. Then came the day I sent a short message to one of her best friends, asking that “can you tell me how she viewed our relationship. “At once came the answer “she regards you as one of her best friends. but due to the heavy academic burden in high school, she do not want neither of you to get involved in this kind of thing. It is both distracting to you and her”. On finishing reading this, I breathed a deep sigh of relief somehow. I finally understood her. She just did not want to hurt my feelings by directly refusing me, so she was using a more tactful way to handle my requests. How considerate she was! Suddenly I felt myself free from all the stress and misery that used to torture me day and night. Yeah, we are best friends, it is the same today as it ever was, and it will never change. I picked up my cell phone and sent her a short message “you know , we are best friends. Let us return to our original relationgship, can we?” Waiting the reply at ease, I quickly wrote down my feelings as a way to memorize this period of valuable experience. Oh, my cell phone is vibrating, indicating that there is a short message coming in……
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