Do you think i lost him?

March 15, 2007 10:22am CST
I have a very good friend. He was used to call me regularly and number of times in a single day. He used to share his each and every moment with me. But now he is getting more and more busy with his job. And i feel somehow ignored. I think he tried to manage time for each and everything he has in his life except me. Now i m also trying not to interrupt him too much and trying to keep myself away from him. But i somehow feel that i lost him. what should i do?
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15 Mar 07
I think it is better that you let go of this friend.You have grown attached to him in a way which is why you still think of him but since he does not seem to have time for you,it is better not to try and impose yourself on him which is exactly what you are doing.Move on with your life,find things to fill up your emptiness and soon you will be busy too.Sometimes you just can;t explain why friends just cut off contacts with you but it might be because of various reasons,some of which they may not want to share with you..I believe that even in friendship,you need to give each other space.Don;t feel bad that you lost him though,I am sure you will cherish the good times spent with your friend.So let it be the only memories of your friend and you both are going to be happy.Who knows,someday he may come back and be friends with you again as his priorities change:)