The DICO pacts!!!

The meeting in Vatican State from premiership and  - Today there was a meeting from italian premiership Prosi and Cardinal Bertoni concerning DICO pacts
@acquaria (719)
March 15, 2007 10:35am CST
In these days here in Italy there are a lot of polemics about a new low that concerns the DICO accords.These pacts concern the regulation among people who live together and would give to them a lor rights,in this way people who live together have more possibilities to be safeguard althought they are not married.These pacts don't concern only people who have a relationship,they concern too people who live together like friends,relatives etc...that have an enduring relation of cohabitation. In the same day the parlamentarians start to discuss aboput the law of DICO pacts,the Vatican started a polemic,saying that this kind of law offend the concept of the family and will be the cause of the society fracture. I want to explain that here in ITaly a lot of people live together,specially the young couple that have a lot of economic difficulties and prefer to live together without marriage.In alot of time they don't have an indeterminate job,so they prefer to wait before to create a family. For the vatican these is a sin,and I understand under the religion vision,But I don't justificate their polemic and their partecipation in the political and social choises.The Vatican in my opinion has to mantain its religious role without dipsuting in things that are out of its competence. In my opinion is not a right thing that Vatican tries to influence the politicans;the laws concern also the life of those people who are not religious and the laws have always to be impartial. Do you think is right that a law has to be affected also from religious idea?I think it's no right.I'm religious but I think that the social laws and the religion world have to be separated and each of them have to dispute only on own field.
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@mlotboy (293)
• India
15 Mar 07
Better resist pope. Otherwise the Christian era might return in Europe. so it'll be a major problem