What do you understand about being Toffee-nosed?????

March 15, 2007 10:39am CST
For me,they are those people who's being so arrogant with the other people, they're looking themselves as a great one, a perfect one, and everybody should love them.. Dah!!! i just wanna share my feelings about those kinds of people.. Coz i have met lots of people who feels like very superior!! And i really dont like to be with them... being stuck up is a piece of a sh**! Give them a life! For me they are the types of people who's non sense at all! Are you Stuck Up?
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@Ricko82 (585)
• Philippines
9 Sep 07
I've never heard this expression before, thanks for enlightening me on this one. If what it meant is what you're saying, then toffee-nosed people are what I call dumb a___. They have no place in my list of friends. Funny though because they can only try to get me down but they can never do. They are bunch of fool whos egoes are as big as their head but IQ's lower than the sea level, even during low tide. Don't mind them bro, they're a bunch of insecure people, that's why they need to put somebody down to feel powerful.
• Malaysia
9 Sep 07
Toffee nose person mean a person pretentiously or and snobbish. They are greedy and selfish person as well. They are good to themselves. But very weak in friendship but good in warship. And toffee nose people is very good to be a MC or DJ. Well wishes to you, Vashstampede. Bye for now....
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